The Village is a place where information is taught, learned and shared.  We believe in pragmatic, easy-to-understand, actionable advice and information without gimmicks, without jargon and without hidden agendas. 

With the rise of the Internet, vast and almost inconceivable amounts of information are available to anyone with a curious mind, by simply typing a few key words and clicking on a search function button.  The Village does not believe that having access to information is the same as learning and understanding information.  As such, we seek to provide information in the absence of advertising, geared towards helping individuals and communities develop a clear understanding of numerous topics that pertain to real life - topics that range from health and nutrition to personal finance to politics.  It is our hope that our unique methods of teaching will aid in the development of a global community of critical thinkers who look out for each other, help each other develop greater life and work skills, stop competing for fleeting moments of Internet notoriety, and instead move towards living a locally-focused, active and enjoyable life. 

We encourage future Village Elders looking for a place to hang their hat, share their wisdom and perhaps make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals around the globe, to reach out to us at to find out how to become a part of educating every generation alive today on living well, living fully, and finding hope in the future. 

To learn of upcoming educational opportunities, please visit our EVENTS page.