In 2016, a study was published by the Pew Research Center which showed that for the age group of 18-34 year olds, 32.1% of individuals were living in their parents’ house.

The general media would have us believe that all young folks these days are lazy, entitled and irresponsible.  We feel that this is often a symptom of the environment in which they grew up.  Children are not born with common sense, excellent time management skills and a desire to work to the extent of their ability.  These must be instilled/taught from an early age if they are to “take hold” prior to adulthood.  Without those essential skills and a keen understanding of the value of a dollar, young people often enter the Real World without a reasonable understanding of how it all works, at which point the default reaction is generally the Head in the Sand approach to life – which looks incredibly similar to laziness, entitlement and irresponsibility. 


Rather than bringing yet another self-help book to market, our goal in self-publishing Ready to Launch is to provide real, actionable tools and direction to anyone interested in learning meaningful life skills to participate actively (and dare we say, enjoyably) in the Real World.  Profits from book sales will be redirected into curricular resources which we will roll out with a wide-reaching educational initiative aimed at revitalizing the passion and skillset of our youth.