It Takes a Village...

According to the old adage, it takes a village to raise a child.  Our Village was founded on developing resources to raise and inspire not only children, but with any luck, a generation.  We firmly believe that the future health of the global community rests in the hands of the generations who are currently in the process of being born, coming of age, and heading off into the Real World.  Our intent is to build a Village of resources for innovative thinkers, those hungry for knowledge, those who wish to educate or be educated, and anyone seeking to have a positive impact on the global community.  

Ready to Launch – How Prepared are they for the Real World, our first step towards building those resources, is aimed at assisting families in preparing their children for the realities of life beyond their childhood home. 

What readers are saying about Ready to Launch...

“A must-read for those ranging from age 13 to 73.”

“Spirited and humored guidance provides a framework to instill values of financial responsibility in all children.”

“Ready to Launch was perfect for my family… junior high to high school age students need to receive all of this information… it breaks it down in an understandable and actionable way.”

“It is rare, or today one is lucky, to be brought up in an environment where adults teach every day virtues.  Ready to Launch examines how to build strong character in children.  Each chapter provides step-by-step habits that enable us to flourish.  I think it is a must read for every member of the family!”

 – Mike K., age 66, father of six, grandfather of eight (so far)

 – Matt Drvaric, Partner, Riverwater Partners, LLC, age 33, father of one

– Josh G., age 43, father of five

 – Alena G., age 25, single